Wednesday, April 26, 2017

~In the eye of the storm..~

~In the eye of the storm.."

Sometimes our eyes get off of the things of God, God's plan for our lives, His purpose and all the goodness that is God and we begin to look around us to see the chaos, the ones that we are unable to help, the negative voices telling us that we can't do anything right but sometimes what it takes is for us to admit and cry out to God that "we can't, but He can!"
"We are weak but He is strong!"
It's that voice crying out to God that will build us up to move the mountains in our lives! 
It's a desperate cry that we can no longer continue without His hand holding ours and leading us wherever He would have us go!
When we realize that..
 "we can't but He can!" 
..Suddenly the overwhelming things become little, they are now..
"it's in your hands Lord! I know you have a plan, move anything out of my path that wasn't sent by you so your purpose can take place in my life!"
Get an attitude of..
"That's my God!" 
"If God is with me, I won't fail!"
Have faith that shakes things up in your life! 
Dig your heels in and rebuke the enemy and instruments he has placed in your life to try to harm you or prevent God's full plan to come to light! 
Satan's schemes and lies will not overtake you! 
God is with you in the dark areas of your life! 
God sees the gray clouds coming your way and He will be right there with you while you're making your way past them! 
He will walk beside you and lead you to the other side of it!
God hasn't left you behind, He's been with you the whole time..
You simply forgot to ask for His help in that situation but it's not too late to cry out to Him for help! 
Reach out and grab ahold of His promises once more!
God will show up and help you in your hours of distress! 
Don't give up on His plan for your life! Speak life! 
Declare joy and peace and the blessings of God into your life again!
It's not over! 
There's freedom! 
Joy is yours! 
Purpose is yours so seek Him and you'll begin to see those things come to pass into your life!
It's not over! Don't throw in the towel! Instead get on your knees and declare the things of God! Rebuke the enemy and he WILL FLEE FROM YOU!!