Friday, May 8, 2015

~Family under attack~

"Family" when we hear the word, the meaning that comes to mind to us is one thing..A warm home filled with people who love each other, value each other and protect each other at all cost..
It sounds nice right? 
The only flaw in this arrangement is something is missing from this idea and that thing is involving your family in church.
You see, if you totally remove going to church and building a relationship with God as well as other Christians..something is lost and even stolen from your family's life and when that happens..Satan finds his way into your family's life!

All Satan wants to do is steal, deceive, lie, He will make things seem as though everything is fine without church and you will develop the mentality that you are a higher power.. the one that holds it all together..that's how families get torn apart is when one person has all the strain on themselves and they don't have a higher power to relieve that strain, when that happens and the strongest person in the family falls does the family and that's why it's so important to take your family to church so they can put their faith in God and build a close relationship with him!
We all need someone but when the one that you always run to for help..your mom or dad or sister or an aunt or uncle can no longer be that refuge for whom will you run to? Run to Jesus..He is always strong and the right Man for the job!

Take your family to church, build up your faith together, learn to trust in God together, You won't be sorry about it and when Satan comes a knocking on your door..You'll all be prepared and see him for the deceiver that he really is and you won't allow him to come in to cause confusion in your family's life! Kick Satan out of your house and take your family to church this Sunday and the following Sunday's from that point on! It's time to take our families back again and the only way we can fully do that is to get involved in church again!


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