Saturday, August 1, 2015


"Negativity" it's the very thing that we try so hard to escape from or we try to avoid those who radiate it.

It's the killer of dreams, the deepest form of doubt, once you begin to think in this frame of's hard to be optimistic or to have hope and faith that God will get you through it all. 

Negative words or thinking can be dangerous and deadly..especially in the church in the leaders or in a business of any kind! It can destroy a person or make things that are "possible" to seem "impossible" with a single word or thought it can hold you back from ever succeeding and can even stop you in your tracks, because with negativity comes doubt and with doubt comes shattered faith!

As Christians it is our responsibility to declare a positive environment surrounding us but if you have to be around people who are constantly negative and dried up in can be tough, it can be really tough!

Perhaps if we would start praying more in the house instead of just at church..maybe our world would change, maybe if we started speaking to the negative people around us by declaring the hope that God gives you..they may also begin to see it in their own lives!

This world can be such a cruel place to live in if we don't ever try to make a difference, the only reason why so many people are so scared of being in the world is because they have allowed their doubt that they'll become someone better to die and they are afraid to hope for something more in their world!
We have to resurrect these people who have allowed their optimism to die!
We have to reach out to those who have become blind to the good things left in this world! We have to speak life to them and hope that they will begin to speak life back into their own environment!

There are a few things that a person should never give in to..
#1. Don't ever let someone else tell you who you are, those dreams belong to you and God has a purpose for those dreams..don't ever let someone speak over what hopes you have for yourself!
#2. Don't ever start something that your passionate about and stop in the middle of it, if you are passionate about something either do it or don't do it but make a decision and stick with it so you won't complicate things in your life or allow for more stress in your life, pick one thing you're passionate about and be successful in that area! 
#3. Don't hang out with people you know are negative if you can be easily brought down, no one is forcing you to be around them and I'm sure that there are plenty of other people that they can talk about their problems with instead of you and it's best to learn to appreciate time with yourself to achieve your goals until there is someone positive for you to hang around. 
#4. When you start to doubt..PRAY! Don't allow doubt to set in, that's when problems begin to one needs more problems to deal with, so why not pray about it and ask God to take this burden off of you or to help put things in perspective for you to better understand why someone is so negative! God can always put things in perspective for us when it comes to people and when it comes to our personal lives, so ALWAYS PRAY for answers and pray that God will protect you from anyone that doesn't belong in your life..There are people that are sent by God but there are also people that are sent by Satan to distract us long enough so Satan can destroy us..remember that!
Talking about all of this reminds me of this verse, I hope this blesses you..

Job 11:17-20
"And your life will be brighter than the noonday;
its darkness will be like the morning.
And you will feel secure, because there is hope;
you will look around and take your rest in security.
You will lie down, and none will make you afraid;
many will court your favor.
But the eyes of the wicked will fail;
all way of escape will be lost to them,
and their hope is to breathe their last.”


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