Tuesday, June 23, 2015

~If it quacks..is it still a duck?~

What is wrong with this world? 
We will believe anything that isn't called "The Truth" we would much rather call a thing something that it's not, rather than hurting their "feelings" 
a duck is no longer a duck because it quacks..No, it can be whatever it wishes to be..because when a child says that they no longer want to be who God created them to be..there is no longer an adult around to speak up for these children! 
There are too many "followers" around, instead of "leaders" who speak up with the truth!
When will we all wake up?! 
We aren't benefiting their future at all..we are denying them the opportunity to make this country the great place that she once was by corrupting the minds of the innocent ones!
Because of fear..too many are remaining silent! Because of tolerance..children aren't even allowed to grow up in a safe world! We aren't doing what's right at all..we are corrupting this world with every passing moment!
"With lying" we are filling this world with deception, "with tolerance" we are creating confusion, "with favoring the unnatural way of things"..we are polluting this world with hatred!
Not only that but we are killing away those who cannot defend themselves..we are throwing away our futures by standing down to the lies of Satan and the lies of this world, we have closed our eyes to the good and we congratulate the bad, we punish the victims and reward the guilty!
We are living in a land where the lives of innocent babies are being aborted and we close our ears to their cries! We aren't becoming the Moses of our generation..instead we are becoming the Pharaoh's and contributing to all the evil in this world! We need a Joshua to rise up and lead us into the promised land! We need someone to lead us back to God! But we tolerate the evil in this world and when something terrible happens like an attack on the United States of America..we hate God for it!
And we ask God why?!
God didn't do anything to this world..the world has taken matters into it's own hands and decided to "play God" and alter everything from it's natural estate! 
We are messing everything up in this world and we question God on why there is hate, violence, deceit, wars, confusion, worry, strife, abuse..And the list goes on and on!
The point is, when we kick God out and we create our own Heaven..the enemy comes in like a flood and confusion comes in with it! 
Where there is praise going up for Satan..there is hatred and anger being stirred up in our hearts and we lose our Peace, our Joy, our Love and many times we even lose our good family and friends that encouraged us to do the right thing!
When we take away all the good in this world and we mess with God's creation..we are opening the door for Satan to come in and play with our lives and at first it all seems so dangerous and exciting but after a while you start wondering who you are, who you can trust, you get so lost that you start digging your way in deeper, trying to satisfy a thirst that you cannot satisfy and you find something or someone to keep your mind off of those questions that you have for a season but what are you going to do when you no longer have that person or thing to entertain your mind?
There is only one who can satisfy that thirst, there is only one truth, there is only one name above all names, the one who brings Peace and who saves..
His name is Jesus! 
He is the only one who loved you so much that He died to prove it to you and no one else can ever love you with a deeper form of love!
Are you tired of the fear, confusion, worry, shame, and sorrow? 
Turn away from the lies of this world and turn your eyes upon Jesus! 
He loves you with a perfect kind of love!

John 3:16-18
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God.”

He loves you, He will never leave you, He will help you through it all, you can hold onto the hope that when this world passes away..you will go to Heaven to be with Jesus and It is truly worth it all to follow Him because every battle this world tries to throw at you..He will help you to fight those battles and in the end..God always wins!


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