Saturday, October 3, 2015

~Battles:How to be an overcomer~

There are many things that we all face from time to time, some things that we feel inside ourselves are from scars of our past, some from mistakes that we've made, oftentimes we don't know why we wake up and feel a certain way..
When we don't have the words to describe the way we feel..I call those days melancholy moments.
Although we don't always have the answers for the way we are feeling, it's going to be alright,
I know how it feels to be in a place of silence where you simply cannot explain why you are sad or sometimes we cannot tell anyone the reasons behind that is in those times of sadness though that we reach out to God for his healing!
When we cannot speak,
when we need comfort!
King David had many moments in the bible when he felt so overwhelmed that he would cry out to God in such urgency and distress!
You are not alone in this feeling! Everyone has a battle going on,
one that can only be won when you realize that you need help to make it through!
It's okay to have days when you're not okay..just don't close yourself off when someone wants to be there for you!
If you need to be alone however that is fine too..just find the best way that fits you and when you begin to feel sad out of nowhere again..go to your place of refuge and most of all give that to God and just let go of it all!
God is there at all times and when no one is available to offer help to you..reach out to God and he will comfort you!
There are also times when you are hurting that God will send someone to offer you help..don't push them away when they come to your aid!
It's hard sometimes to talk at first but once you do..the pain oftentimes subsides and you can smile again!
I feel like this may help someone else, so I feel that it's time for me to tell you something about myself..
I am the kind of person that is happy most of the time, but with that being's not easy because I still have battles going on from time to time,
Like admitting when I'm hurting and I need help, I don't want anyone else's day to be ruined just hearing about something I've gone through that day so there have been many times when I just dismissed my problems because I wanted to make others around me smile but that's the hard thing about being an optimist is that oftentimes we will ignore our pain and problems or even put off our sadness because we want to somehow reject the feelings inside us at that moment!
I've realized that I don't want to live that way through the years, I've realized that it's not worth it to pretend that everything is "fine and dandy" when in are everything but "okay"
I've realized that everyone needs someone at some point and it doesn't make you makes you grow and people admire you more for being honest about what you're going brings people closer together and allows you to have a deeper desire to reach out to help others as well!
Talking about your pain doesn't make you inferior to anyone..on the contrary, it allows people to relate to you and come to realize the reason behind why you choose to smile and serve the Lord!
I cannot make it on my one can and that doesn't make any of us only makes us human!
So when you are going through something..allow someone to be there for you if they want to be but if there isn't anyone..remember that God cares about your sorrow and your battles and he wants you to trust in him and to seek him until you are able to smile again!
As for the way I was feeling today, I know that the purpose was so I could write to you and offer you hope that it's going to be alright and that you are going to get through this day and the good news is that tomorrow is a new day full of hope and the joy of the Lord! Don't worry..the pain won't last forever, pain is only for a moment and someday when Jesus returns..all our tears will be wiped away! Keep looking up..God is with you even when it feels like you're alone!

Psalms 42:11
"Why are you cast down, O my soul,
and why are you in turmoil within me?
Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God."


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