Monday, February 20, 2017

~Stolen Things~

Satan is a scoundrel, no matter how you cut it! He is a thief! He's a liar! He is deceitful! He is the master of confusion and wants to put fear in us!
He wants to destroy our hopes and dreams but more than that..he steals our joy and peace!

He wants to crush our spirit, to remove the smile from your face that brings joy to others around you!
He doesn't want you to believe in yourself or to trust the people who love you when they really want you to succeed in your life but he doesn't want you to!
He wants to put doubt in you and cause you to doubt that God loves you and also doubt that your family and friends love you!

This is the way he works, He wants to hold you back from anything good!
He only wants us to fail at what we're good at and doesn't want us to move out of the past and live for today and move toward a much fuller future but to be held back from success!

But let me tell you about my God..
My God has a plan for each and every person from the moment of conception!
He is a loving God that loves us unconditionally!

He looks upon the heart and doesn't look upon the exterior of a person,
He is forgiving and merciful,
He is mighty and wants to give us strength! He is our protector!
He is the alpha and omega, the first and the last! He will never fade from our lives, He will forever be!

He loves us all equally and sent his son so we could choose to have a better life spent in eternity with him!
With God..what do we have to fear?
With God on our side..who can stop us? No one!
Keep will get there!
The joy of the Lord will be your strength if you will allow it!
It may be impossible on our own But with God..Nothing is impossible!


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