Sunday, February 19, 2017

~Breaking The Mold~

Why is it that we feel like we should try so hard to become something that we're not just for the sake of making other people more comfortable, while in the meantime it's causing us to compromise the unique individual that God created us to be?

This world is so messed up with people who are two faced and seek only to destroy those around them by picking apart someone to the point that they question their worth or they weaken the small amount of confidence that they do have, with the world being so critical it's no wonder that we pretend to be someone we just aren't but we also do that to ourselves at times, we can be our own worst enemy, our biggest critic.

We can also become wishy washy with ourselves and concerning others, we can tell ourselves one day that we are a child of God, a masterpiece but the next day we will change our perspective because of a mistake that we made and instead of allowing ourselves to accept the grace that God gives freely to anyone who will accept it..we will mellow in our own self pity instead and not only that but we want to tell anyone who will listen!
But It's time to change! Are you ready? I am.
I'm tired of hiding my individuality, I want to show the world the funny and easygoing person that I've tried so hard to hide, I don't know why we feel like we have to create almost an alias in order to get those around us to like us. The truth is that the right people will come to love us for who we really why not try to be your true self out there, too?

Let's be honest about who we are and about things that we like and dislike, what our passions are in life, who we live our life for and people who mean the world to us!

One of the things I have a hard time letting go of is what people think of me, I know a lot of other people struggle with this..because of this you're afraid to fully trust those around you even your family at times and it also causes you to have a difficult time communicating your feelings and opinions to those around you.
But here's the biggest issue with not accepting and showing fully who you are to others..
By not showing who you are, you are actually denying God of showing his glory through you, his creation!
You are trying to make a new mold..trying to create someone who doesn't even compare to the person that God created you to be!

When God made YOU, ME, ALL..
He broke the mold!
We are all unique, works of art, masterpieces of the most high God! We don't have to make excuses to anyone!
The only opinion that matters is God's! What God sees in us is pure gold, rubies and the most valuable of all treasures!! So let's begin to thank God for the masterpiece that he created in us and allow him to use us in mighty ways once more! We are all loved by a Heavenly Father so let's start loving ourselves so he can shine through us in our lives and we'll be able to change the world by doing so!! Are you with me? Let's do this!


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