Thursday, April 23, 2015

~Live to inspire~

There are many things in this life that we find important but sometimes we forget that there's more to life than doing things that only make us happy,
Oftentimes we don't realize one of the most important things that we need to be doing in our lives..
By making others smile..
Now, I'm not just talking about making them laugh on just a regular day..I'm talking about having the compassion and seeing that your neighbor needs to smile because they aren't having a good day or they might be down because of something personal that they cannot forgive themselves for and they need to have some kind soul to help them to get their mind on something positive again!
That could be could be the very person that could turn it all around for them!
Even though we may not always have the best attitude because of how our day went at times..we do however always have a reason to smile! 
Even if you have to force a smile at times..they don't know that, they only see the goodness of your heart because of you smiling at them! 
You may underestimate what a smile can do..but that smile of yours could be the very thing that gives someone who was planning their suicide the hope that they needed just in the nick of time! 
That smile of yours is needed in the world right now! 
Besides..doesn't everything seem to move by more efficiently when you have a positive attitude?
You may not be able to change the government, the weather, or take all of the wickedness out of the world but you can help the world out one person at a time and that makes a bigger difference than you may think it does!
Smile! Show them Jesus by being the positive person that they really need in such a negative world! Shine your light brightly and share the light of the world to those around you by being an instrument of Jesus' love! Start today and it could be the very thing that saves someone's life!


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