Monday, April 20, 2015

~Walk away~

There are many things that are in the world that Satan sends into our lives to hinder us and to hold us back from where God is trying to place us!
I've heard it said that no one can prevent you from making it into God's purpose for your life, 
while that is true, there is also this truth..while they may not be able to prevent you from God's purpose, 
they can however delay you from God's purpose by being a distraction!
While there are times God sends people for us to help out, there are also people that are sent into our lives by Satan that seem like that need help when really all they want is not to change but to only receive pity from you!
These kind of distractions are the ones that don't think about other people's troubles, they only want pity from others but simply don't want to change..they only want to consume your life and receive your undivided attention as their own personal gain and as Christians we need to be able to realize that these kind of people are out there and we need to learn to recognize them!

You see, the only way we can help people is if they realize that they have a problem and they need to change, 
we can only help them after they realize that they need God to change them,

So if someone comes along and they are only seeking pity from you but they don't have a clue that they need to change..walk away! 
There isn't anything you can do for will only become mentally tired and stressed trying to sort out problems for them that they should be sorting out for themselves..and while you're stressing to help them for the answers, they are sleeping like a baby and you're up all night trying to find a way to help them..
Do yourself a favor and let it go, 
give it to God and find a way to tell them "no" in a nice way and if that doesn't work then it's okay to ignore the calls and to stop answering's not being rude if they wouldn't receive your kindness in declining them your time..that's when you'll realize that "it's time to move on" find rest and trust God that they will eventually realize that they need to change and that no one..NOT EVEN YOU can change matter how strong of a Christian you are!
Find peace is saying "No" and walk away from it, don't be afraid to walk away from anything or anyone that's going to delay you from God's purpose for your life!
Keep walking toward God's plan and walk away from all distractions, you'll realize that it makes you stronger..instead of making you feel inferior!
Walk away from all of that and keep walking toward God because God's got a plan for your life and it's not to be held at a standstill!


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