Thursday, September 15, 2016

~You get to choose~

Psalms 55:22
"Cast your burden on the LORD,
and he will sustain you;
he will never permit
the righteous to be moved."

There seems to be so much sadness and negativity in this world these days that it almost seems impossible to find the strength you need in order to achieve your dreams but the saddest part about it is that quite a few of them are Christians who go to church every week and yet they keep this to themselves and they're scared to give their sorrows to God and exchange it for peace and joy.
No matter what has happened in your life I want you to know that God sent his son down to earth and he sacrificed his own life in order to make a way for us to join him in Heaven for an eternity. He did the hardest part and he made a way so we could be set free from all of our sins, insecurities, oppression, sorrows, stress, illnesses, shame..
He paid the price for it all because he loved us that much!
We can have joy and peace!
We can have freedom and purpose! We can have good health and peace of mind! He made a way for all of us, all we have to do is accept it and serve him and life will begin to get better.
Put your trust in God and find the rest you so desperately need!
No need to stress, He will give you rest! Choose him this day and you'll be able to smile again and your dreams will seem much closer within your reach.
So let's give it to him and go to sleep, after all..Faith makes a fine pillow.


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