Monday, January 5, 2015

~A lot can happen..~

Rewind to last year on January 6th 2014, If I had a crystal ball showing how many responses I'd receive just by writing down a little thought from out of my head for strangers to read one day..I wouldn't have believed it.
I am so humbled and am so incredibly grateful to God for giving me this ability to write.
I honestly didn't know if anyone would respond to my blog, nor did I know if I was anywhere near talented enough to do this, but by God's given talent of placing into my life this ability to write..
it has made me realize a lot about myself, including my self worth in God's eyes, in my family and friends eyes, and in my own eyes! I know now more than ever that I'm valuable and that I'm a child of God.
Being a pastors daughter and being a caring person.. I'm sure that many of you may think that I don't have very many struggles but I'm human just as you are and I've made mistakes..huge ones that I'm not proud of, 
but because of grace I was able to get through it all! 
I've made it through some struggles that I wasn't sure I would make it through, many of those struggles have been in the last few months that I was secretly fighting in my prayer closet!
In fact many of the blogs that I've posted have been out of my struggle at the time and by writing I was also encouraging myself in the process.

I've learned while writing this for all of you to read that..You never know about a persons struggles that they hide away from others, all you can do is be obedient when God speaks to you and to use your talents for God's glory that somehow, somewhere, in some way..someone is going to benefit from your life and your relationship with God can be a testimony to that someone who is in such desperate need of Hope in their life!
This life is but a vapor, it's happening now but gone in what seems as though a minute..Make those minutes count for something this year and perhaps in a year from now you will also be the one sharing a powerful testimony of reaching over 30,000 people with a message of God's purpose and love the way that I have done this year.

It may seem small to you but your talent could save a life someday if only you'd give it to God now, think about it.

I'm going to add a footnote to this by putting in the first blog post that started it all, though it seemed so small to me..maybe it will inspire you to put your talent out there as well and you could reach someone for Christ because of your obedience to God..
As the singer Brandon Heath says.."It takes one, what if I'm "the one?"

“January 6, 2014
~A Sudden change of direction~

Why is it that unless a person has passion to drive them, they cannot accomplish their dreams?
I realized this to be true just last week, as I was praying and slightly confused with the direction my life has gone, now I'm not saying this as a bad thing, what I'm saying is I came to the reality that my hopes, dreams and aspirations in life had suddenly change from my own wants to what God wants me to do.
When you line yourself up with the word of God and you build a strong relationship with him, somehow God's desires for your life suddenly become your desires.
I never knew I would ever become more passionate about something other than cooking but now my passion is leading worship and encouraging others in Christ! I've surrendered my whole life to reaching the lost now and I know that it's going to be the best thing for me to do with my life! God is with me!”


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