Monday, January 12, 2015

~No Substitutions~

Why is it that we humans somehow convince ourselves that we can make it on our own most of the time?
When will we come to realize that we simply cannot make it without His help?
Living a life without God is the loneliest way to live..even more so than the loneliness that we feel while we're single!
In fact, there is a part of us that cannot be filled with anything or anyone but to be filled by God and it's time that we started to realize that!

If you are married but you're still lonely, chances are that you don't have God in your life or it may be that you haven't been building up your relationship with God lately, no matter how many friends you may have around cannot fulfill the emptiness in your heart..only God can do that!

If you're lonely, think hard to what the reason behind that feeling is and find out if you need a friend, a companion or if your relationship with God needs some attention, and find what your treasure is in this life so that you can be the happiest that you can possibly be in life!

That feeling within you may also be a longing for purpose in your life, a purpose to help others, to find your calling, to find greater meaning in your life and to discover what God has called you to do in this world for His namesake! 
Seek the Lord, that He would reveal to you what you were put on this earth to do for Him and ask Him to give you the means to fulfill that purpose to the best of your ability!

Matthew 6:21
"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."


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