Saturday, January 31, 2015

~He's a charmer~

Ladies and Gentlemen I know you think that only humans are capable of being charmers but there is also another who is the best at charming his way into your life..It's Satan.
Satan wraps everything you dream of, up into someone or something that captures your attention, he makes it all look so appealing and perfect on the outside, he makes someone seem like they are everything you've ever hoped for..when in reality it's everything that you don't need at all! 
Satan is only a talker..he won't ever do what he's told you he would do! He's nothing but a pretty little liar!
How do I know this? Because I've fallen for it before, like many of you I've also been swept off my feet by a deceiver and someone that was a charmer..when in reality..they were only like a snake charmer!
You see, Satan knows what we hope for and is the ultimate charmer! He knows our desires and our weaknesses because it's in his nature to figure that out and to study us until he finds out what our weaknesses are!
Not only is he good at finding out our weaknesses but he also knows when to attack! He knows where to strike and when the moment to do it is! He is such a trickster!

Even when you are doing everything in your life to follow God's plan and you are keeping your main focus on the things of God..Satan still plans ways to destroy us and many times we will fall for it! But the point isn't that we fall for his plans..the point is that we get back up when we have been knocked down to our lowest point and we decide to continue toward God's purpose for our life! 
Grace isn't only for those who are lost but for those who stumble into Satan's schemes and we are in need of that grace once more!
We will always stumble but we know who is going to catch us when we do..God!
It's like that DC Talk song that says.."What if I stumble, what if I fall, what if I lose my step and I make fools of us all, would your love continue when my walk becomes a crawl, what if I stumble and what if I fall.."
I can answer that..God's going to catch you..even when you continue to fail Him..He loves you and He wants to see you succeed! 
Put Satan in his place and claim God's grace over your life today, It's not too late even after mistakes have been made! 
Walk into God's purpose for your life! Forget the shame..just speak His name!


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