Thursday, February 12, 2015

~Hopeful Words~

Our lives are made up of so many things, good things and bad things,
There are times when we need someone that hasn't arrived yet, 
there are times when we cannot find the words to express the pain that we've gone through and we need someone to listen to our jabbering until we find the words to express our pain that has been buried for too long, 
God sends us Angels to help us cope with scars that others have put upon us, sometimes God gives us the strength inside ourselves to cope with things on our own..that's where most of our strength comes from, 
many times he sends a person ready to help us and is able to inspire us to become a better person and sometimes they help us to heal up old wounds and to discover our very purpose.

There have been many times in my life when I was hurting and I would allow God to help me, but there have also been times when I needed someone to talk to and God would send them my way!
Whatever season it is in your life..don't give up! I encourage you to continue on even when you're so weak that you have to crawl..keep going! 
God has a purpose for your life and even the hard times can make you stronger if you'll raise that problem up to God!
Your life has God to discover what that purpose is and He'll give you the means to complete that purpose He has planned for you to do in His name! 
Don't give up..instead, look up!


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