Friday, February 27, 2015

~Why are we stopping?~

Have you ever been on a peaceful road trip and you were smiling and singing songs when suddenly out of have a blowout or someone rear ended your vehicle?
In life sometimes we feel all cool, calm and collected when suddenly we have the wind knocked out of us and we are forced to realize that we just weren't as ready as we originally thought we were.
In life there are setbacks, times of confusion and even unwelcome surprises that we have to deal with, but even though we know it's for the best..sometimes it still hurts terribly and we have to swallow that bitter and unpleasant pill that no one enjoys swallowing, we need to breathe and keep our focus on things ahead, take things slow and force the worry to leave our minds even though we are struggling day by day! 
We mustn't ever lose hope and faith in the things to come, we must look forward and look to the future with bright eyes, never losing sight of what our purpose is, the purpose that each of us is meant to complete! 
What is it that makes us think that because everything is going good in our lives that we need to have all of the good things at once? Why can't we just stop and enjoy life as it comes to us? We don't have to worry about everything at once but instead just enjoy what little things we have and focus on each little thing at a time instead of stressing ourselves out with everything at once!
What if in this's not so much about how much we have but instead it's about the attitude that we decide to have when it all comes to a halt?
Whatever life brings you..don't worry, just breathe and let things happen if they decide to or if they don't happen decide to breathe in and let it out..letting go of things as you must let go of when the time comes!
Life isn't a smooth is quite curvy, bumpy and even storms come to cloud our journey but don't ever allow the halt to stop you from traveling on into the things in the future! 
Walk on in your life, don't stop unless it's only to rest for a brief time..then continue on your journey and if someone catches up to you to say "hello" smile and embrace them into your life.. for everything there is a purpose under Heaven.


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