Friday, February 13, 2015

~Scars remind me~

Have you ever stopped and wondered what would've happened if you hadn't made that decision in your life?
True, there are times when we wish we could go back to the simpler times before we had made mistakes but at the same time..if you are happy right now in your life, isn't it about time you realized that maybe you wouldn't be where you are today if you hadn't first made a mistake?
I've decided in my life that I'm thankful that I'm wiser from the mistakes in areas  of my life because I am a better person today and much more loving toward others around me than I used to be, I'm thankful for the ministry that God has entrusted me with, I'm thankful that I'm much closer to God in so many more ways!
The fact is, when we sin against God..somehow we discover a strength that we never knew we had within ourselves but the strength comes from God above..not something that we were born with but a strength that takes time to develop! If you've made choices that you're not proud's time to turn it around and allow God to strengthen you! Yes, we remember our missteps but we need to also look for "his steps" because it is God that we draw strength from in our own times of weakness! Keeping going, give your pain to God and you're going to make it through!


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