Tuesday, March 10, 2015

~Doubt Kills~

"Doubt" the very sound of the word has a very bitter taste to it.
It means that no matter how good something is right in front of you..you allow doubt to take control of your mind and in result doubt takes away the opportunity from your path for you.
Doubt is something that holds you back from so many things in this life and it sometimes disguises itself as a "voice of reason" oftentimes it causes us to fall short in many areas, to doubt also means to say that "you just can't see it happening" when there is doubt there..there cannot be any room for hope because hope doesn't want to dwell in a place where it doesn't feel welcome.
Doubt also means that you can never rise to your full potential because in the back of your mind there will always be something holding you back and keeping you in the same place, and if you're kept in the same place then how can your life ever change for the better?
Satan loves it when we no longer have a positive mindset and that we no longer have the ability to see that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining and more than that we do not have the ability to hope in the unseen anymore.

There is a way to fight back though..
You can start speaking with your mouth the things that are going to happen in your life! You claim the right things to come your way and believe that God doesn't send mistakes in your path! God only sends what we need in our lives, that means that we need to dismiss the feeling of doubt and we need to instead grab onto hope and to also choose to not settle for mediocre in our lives but to instead move into something greater..something that we weren't looking for but ended up finding.
Leave no room for doubt and no one will ever have a reason to doubt you either. Be positive and hopeful that everything will workout and in the end..it will workout, 
in this life we have to be fully committed to seeing things workout and if they don't then at least we can continue to grow as life goes on and the peace of mind in knowing that we gave something our all..leaving no room for regret.
Remember.."Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will"
Leave no room for doubt but instead move in confidence wherever life decides to go.


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