Wednesday, July 1, 2015

~Listen, Trust, Love & Obey

I understand now what Jesus meant when he was saying.."they know not what they do"
It's starting to become very hard to watch as people are so disillusioned by what lies they have come to believe and what they are doing to promote them.
They cannot think with a clear conscience because they know not what they do and that what they are doing is sinful.
It's painful to see people turning against each other but more than's painful to see how they are mocking God and mocking anyone who mentions His name in a manner of praise!
It's beyond shameful to see people living a "double standard" way of life where they are comfortable living in sin and only create riots to promote what's best to accommodate their lifestyle in America..yet they criticize those who try to pave a way in this country for justice and benefiting a positive future for the children but that legacy won't be able to exist once people only change the laws that benefit their "peace of mind" instead of thinking about how it's going to affect those who are on this earth long after we're gone!
What about their future? 
What about their dreams? 
Don't the children of America deserve their own hopes and dreams to come to pass? I think so!
Since when did we become a country who doesn't think about others?
When did we become so spiteful and bitter when someone speaks for freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
America has turned their back on God and have come to hate those who dare to say the pledge of allegiance or to even say "God Bless America!"
When that's how this country came to be great in the first place!
People have turned their backs on law enforcement officers, firefighters, Veterans and anyone who is trying to fight for our freedom at all costs and to give this country a good foundation to stand on!
I shatter at the thought of the danger we would be in without them standing up to fight for such a cause even though many have turned away or slandered our good veterans names and the cause that they so proudly stand up for..still they fight because they are fighting to make America what she once was!
They believe so strongly in America that they would give up an arm or leg and even their very lives if a citizen was in harms way..And yet no one reaches out to say "Thank You" to them!
And no one gives them a feeling of pride or satisfaction to come home to, they are overshadowed by riots and controversies where we used to stop everything to welcome them home with group hugs and big smiles on our faces!
Among many other things..this is one of the Big problems that has happened in America and it needs to stop!
Let's speak life into America again!
let's believe with those who believe in how great she is! 
Let's reach out to the community like we used to! 
Let's dream of something great happening again!
Let's keep putting out the good in this world..why? Because that's what Jesus did and we are called to be a reflection of him so others might see Jesus in us! Even though people will mock you or mock them the love of Christ and listen to what God speaks into your heart to say to them..even when it's something that's hard for you to say..
it's not heartlessly judging when you feel led to say something and it's in a loving way to someone else..that's the way Jesus did and that's the way we should approach witnessing to those who are lost! The ones who often accuse Christians of harshly judging are usually those who are hurting the most and if you truly have a heart for the lost..God will give you the opportunity to talk to them and he will give you the very words that will reach them!


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