Tuesday, December 2, 2014

~What if?~

Have you ever wondered "what if?" 
Like "What would have happened if I hadn't gone through that struggle?" Or "What if I had never taken a chance?"
Whatever your "what if's" may be, you need to realize that they can become a better person if only you'd allow good things to come into your life.
When things go wrong in our lives it's hard to cope at first, when we make mistakes in our lives we have to learn to forgive ourselves and move past the guilt, half the time the regret of what we've done is followed by the "what if they won't accept me because of a mistake I made?" And when we begin to think those doubtful thoughts, we begin to doubt in our future and that we can never possess what makes us happy and what we dream of.
Stop for a moment and put your hand over your chest..Realize the reason you're heart is beating is because God has a purpose for you..that only you can fulfill! God made you and formed your very existence so you could be a light into this dark world! 
God is the only one that can take your failures and turn them into new opportunities, you can reach others and encourage them not to give up..that God can use them in many different ways like He has used you all because you gave it to God to do the mending!
It's like the song says..
"What if my greatest disappointment and the achings of this life
is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can't satisfy
What if trials of this life
the rains
the storms
the hardest nights are your mercies in disguise."
What if your past mistakes can prevent others from making the same mistakes? What if you become wiser and you end up creating an even happier life because you learned something?
Ask yourself "What if?" Today, or better yet ask yourself "Why not?" With God all things are possible and his grace can do some amazing things in a persons life! Don't give up on God's plan for your life just because you've made a mistake, get up after you've fallen and continue on your way but this time keep going and help others while you fulfill his purpose for your life!
God knows your heart and He knows who to send your way to benefit your life, I've seen God perform miracles many times..so why not surrender your life to him?..yes, failures too!
allow his healing to bring restoration into your life and choose to walk in his truth from now on..it's never too late for God to intervene! God can turn a "mess" into a "message" so don't stop just because you fail sometimes..ask him for forgiveness and keep striving to become a better person every day.

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