Tuesday, December 9, 2014

~Why are we scared of God's will?~

Do you ever find yourself doubting though you know that God has all of these great plans for you?
For example, a while back I found myself at a standstill because I was allowing myself to think logically instead of thinking on the Godgical way (as I like to call it) I was thinking too much about what a saw in front of me, instead of trusting in the unseen things.
Which leads me to my next question..
Do you ever find yourself looking outward more often than looking inward?
I must admit that I struggle sometimes with this very thing, now don't get me wrong I'm as optimistic as they come but sometimes I mistake my plan as God's plan because I sometimes forget to realize that God works in a miraculous and supernatural manner, I forget at times that His ways are higher than my ways so I have to stop for a moment to redirect my thoughts and come to realize again that God is moving in my life though I cannot see any movement at times, that doesn't mean that He isn't working in a supernatural way!

I believe sometimes we just need to stop thinking and slow down to hear God's voice more, the best way for me to do that is to go to a place of solitude and turn up some familiar Christian tunes that I know will consume my thoughts, So I can prepare myself to hear God's voice and feel His leading more clearly.

We all have different ways that help us to step away from the world, sometimes we work too hard at things in our lives that we don't leave enough room for prayer time and solitude for ourselves. It's very important to allow a special time so that you can hear God more clearly so you can know how to follow His leading to be applied into your ministry and in your personal life, God has to be in both areas for us to truly be happy and to feel like our purpose is reaching where it's meant to.

Always remember this, There is time for yourself, time for your family and friends, and time for God..don't put God last on the list though, it should look like this..
#1. Time with God: to pray and seek his will. 
#2. Time to yourself: to take care of your temple and to ask yourself important questions of what your purpose is. 
#3. To spend valuable time with your loved ones and seek positive feedback from your Christian friends and family. 

We need to do what's right by serving God the best we can and focus on what ways we can better fulfill His purpose in all areas of our lives, we only have one life to live so we should make our lives an offering to God since He is the giver of the very breath in our lungs and He is the maker of our dreams that we are so blessed to have! Be thankful for your life..even in the times of setbacks because God is there to set you up for a major comeback! Trust in God..He is always with you, "seek" Him if you want to "see" Him working in all areas of your life! And know that faith comes by hearing..not by seeing!

Romans 10:17
"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ."


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