Friday, December 26, 2014

~Where is the love?~

"Bitterness" the taste is bad enough but once you allow Bitterness to in-root itself into your heart..nothing feels the same in life!
Not only does Bitterness cause problems for you but also for your loved ones around you! 
Suddenly, the smiles are no longer natural but become forced and the joy begins to die away like a fading flower..once the sun has gone the flower can no longer grow but dies.

There are days when all you want to do is hide away from your friends and family, then all you do is think about yourself and what you need all the time.

When your life begins to revolve around what benefits you and you alone..that's when bitterness sneaks it's way in!
It's not so easy to break free from it either! The only way to find freedom from the bitterness is to let go of the pain that caused you the bitterness in the first place..You have to decide to move past it in order to break free from it.

Are you tired of feeling disappointed? Are you ready to wake up happy and have joy in your life again? It's not too late! God is ready to lead you out of the darkness that bitterness holds on you! Cry out to God and He will attend to your cry and He will heal your heart so that you'll be open to love others again! He can restore the trust again! You can have peace again! Let go of the hurt and reach out for God's heart so you can reach out in love! God doesn't want you to be bitter..He wants you to be better!

Isaiah 38:16-17
"O Lord, by these things men live,
and in all these is the life of my spirit.
Oh restore me to health and make me live!
Behold, it was for my welfare
that I had great bitterness;
but in love you have delivered my life
from the pit of destruction,
for you have cast all my sins
behind your back."


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