Monday, October 20, 2014

~Confusion:looking for answers~

Sometimes in our lives we are brought to a moment where we feel so confused, we suddenly realize that we are at a standstill and no one else can help us but we can only help ourselves, sometimes there comes a point when you have to decide if it's what you truly believe or if it's other people's beliefs that you are following after..The truth is that we've all felt pressured into believing in something that's false, only because we so badly want someone else to feel our support..But what about our feelings? What about speaking up and declaring what we know as truth? What if we could find the right words? Would that change that person or would it anger that person? The answer matter what response we receive from them isn't the important thing at all..the important thing is that we stood up and declared to them what we so strongly believe and making them realize that we aren't going to change no matter what response we receive from them!
Once a person can determine what's right and wrong according to the bible..everything suddenly becomes more clear and we are no longer confused because we know what we believe and the words that we abide by! We just have to make it clear to them what we believe in and make the decision to walk in our beliefs and not allow ourselves to become shaken by them..even if they decide to walk out of our lives at least we did what was right according to God's word!
There are times when we fall short but so many other powerful people in the bible  fell short too, there was King David..He had an affair and he had his mistress' husband murdered but he's known as the Man after God's own heart! There was Samson..he fell for the wrong Woman named Delilah and he told her his secret that God instructed him not to speak to anyone but he told her anyway..yet at the end he called out to God! 
What about Peter? Peter was one of Jesus' followers.. yet Peter still denied Jesus..not once, not twice..but three times! But Peter later went on to spread the gospel to many!
You may have really messed up big time but you don't have to lay there in shame any longer! God still has work for you to do and He loves you no matter what you've done! God has a purpose for us all but He also knows how many setbacks life throws us..We don't have to give up, we don't have to throw in the towel..we don't even have to answer to anyone else besides God and he's a merciful and gracious God! So what do we have to fear? Nothing. No one.
We only answer to God and He is so forgiving so we don't have to feel like we need to hide or run away from our mistakes! Confront them all head on and confess your mistakes to him and realize what you truly believe so it will help you to determine who belongs in your life and who needs to go! Don't allow confusion to hold you back in this life! Move forward into the better things..the healthy things that make you happy and the things that feed your faith not your flesh!
Walk in his truth today my friends and you won't be confused by anything or anyone of this world!

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