Thursday, October 2, 2014

~I'm much stronger now~

Life sure does throw us some tough obstacles sometimes..there are times in our lives when we feel as though it's nothing but hard issues to deal with all the time!
There's something about going through the fire that somehow it makes us stronger though..because when you are put through the fire it causes you to come out fighting and fueled up, somehow it readies you and sharpens you!
There's a song that I like that has really helped me when I'm going through a hard time..It's called "Stronger" By's an amazing song that everyone should look up and be encouraged by!
We are going to go through some very hard things in our lives that is a guarantee but it's also a guarantee that God is going to help us out of those things and also he allows us to learn things that benefit our future because we have gone through something that helps us to see more clearly of what we want in our lives and what we don't want in this life..God teaches us valuable things if we pay close attention. We should always try to be positive even when we're going through something difficult..that someone else's situation is a lot harder than ours is and we should be greatful that we have had so many other blessings in our lives like our health, a roof over our heads, money to buy groceries with and most of all our freedom to worship God in America and for our friends and family too!
Always keep looking forward to better times and know that this issue you are facing will soon pass by you, God is with you and he's going to help you through this! Don't ever give up keep the faith and it's going to help you to stay strong and you're going to make it! You're going to come out even stronger than just watch! I know I'm stronger than I used to be because of things I've faced but God got me through them like he always does!

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