Monday, October 6, 2014

~It's time to speak up!~

Have you ever felt like you were being held back by your own words and you wished that you could find the words to say?
I think that most of us struggle with this but I know that there are also those who wished that they could hold their tongue..I cannot relate as much to wishing you could hold your tongue from saying words that you'll regret but I can definitely relate to feeling like the words just will not come when you want to speak up so badly.
I always struggled with being too shy and while growing up it was hard because I had a difficult time expressing myself and I know that I missed out on a lot in life when I was a kid because of it, now that I've grown up I have overcome most of my shyness but I still have a shy disposition.
 I've learned that being silent all the time makes a person feel trapped and sometimes others can make you feel pressured into becoming something that you don't want to become, When you're a quiet person sometimes other people speak over you even when they don't realize it, I know how you feel and I know that it's hard feeling this way!
I want you to know that I can understand how you're feeling but the best thing I can tell you to do that helped me to step out of my shell more was when I found what I was passionate's amazing when the walls start falling down and you suddenly discover who you really want to be! Once I started opening up by helping in children's church and I started doing skits I found my identity and I began to discover what my ministry was and how much I enjoyed doing children's ministry, 
You see, if it wasn't for the fact that I stepped out when I was younger I never would've be able to step onto a stage..I would've never used my voice to sing or to speak in front of a crowd to encourage people! 
When you step out a little God is going to use you a lot! You just have to make a small effort and you'll later be able to do big things for God and in all areas of your life! Trust in God and trust in yourself as well! And surround yourself with people that will both inspire and will also challenge you to try new things that will benefit your life! 
Change can be a good thing if you'll let it be, become the very best that you can be and don't allow your shyness to hold you back from the greatness that you possess inside yourself! You can be brave and you can take the world by storm because you are much stronger than you could ever think! Step out of your comfort zone a little bit at a time and you'll realize that there's really no reason to be afraid in the first place because with God there's really nothing to fear!

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