Sunday, October 12, 2014

~He knows my heart~

One thing that's difficult to determine is knowing what it is that our heart wants out of this life but sometimes we have to spend many yours searching to finally find out what that truly is!
There are so many times when we are confused on what we want that we sometimes follow after what we don't need instead of what we truly do need..It can be easily mistaken as what you need when in reality it only looks good from afar!
When we stop looking with our eyes and start looking with our heart then the heart looks past so many different things and allows us to look with new eyes so we can begin to see the beauty of God's creation, God's love is all around us and you can feel his love every day!
For every single issue in your life that happens..usually the issue isn't so much the problem but it's more of a "heart issue" than it is anything else but if you can somehow form it into what God wants to form it into then changes begin to happen in your life that helps you and challenges you to become better than you ever imagined possible! Look upon your heart today and see what you need to address so that you'll be able to choose a much better life!

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