Sunday, October 5, 2014

~They are crying out..~

There are so many people that are called into ministry but they fail to answer the line when God is calling them..what do you do when you're needed? Would you step up when there is an area that you are passionate about that is needing help currently?
There is a time when you need to stop asking "what can I do?" And start saying "I can help there!"
We need to step up to help when we have a talent in an area..whether it's singing, playing an instrument, helping in the nursery, teaching a children's class, hospitality,
helping in youth, cleaning the church or even working in the kitchen! Whatever area you are gifted need to use your gifts! 
We are all unique and we all have one thing in common..we desire to feel like we are needed and we desire to use our talents to benefit others and even ourselves (in an unselfish way of course) but the point is that we all have passions that we want to follow after and a lot of the time we refuse to accept the call to do just that!
We allow our pride to get in the way..we allow ourselves to get easily offended, we won't listen to direction and we don't speak up to take our places when they are open right in front of us! 
Sometimes we are needed and we will not rise up and do what we need to do because we listen to Satan's lies telling us that we just aren't good enough! Sometimes we just need to do it anyway and accept that call!
There are times when you become "needed"  but you aren't passionate in that certain area of ministry, then there are times when the area that you are most passionate about is already filled, but then there's a moment that arrives when you are needed and you are passionate..the only thing left to do is speak up and make your visions of that area of ministry apparent! All you need to do is say "yes Lord!" And allow God to use you in mighty ways..He will use you, oh boy will he ever use you in mighty ways! You just get ready and catch the vision so when that timing comes you'll be ready to rise up and take your place in that area of ministry!
There is a need, there is a call, there is a vision to be seen, there is desperation, understand that you can be the person to effect others in a powerful and inspiring way if you'll allow God to use you! What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Trust in yourself and trust in God for giving you that opportunity!

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