Tuesday, October 7, 2014

~Just the way I am~

People who are new believers sometimes question their worth merely on the fact that they have a past but what they fail to realize is that we all have a past..just because you don't see it on the outside doesn't mean that we haven't sinned..the only reason why they cannot see the past is simply because we no longer live there!
Grace is quite simple really, God looked down on a world who had turned away from him and he knew that the only way the world could turn away from all of that was through his son Jesus so he sent his son down to earth through a young woman who was a humble servant of God (who was a virgin) and her name was Mary, Mary and her husband Joseph raised Jesus up and Jesus traveled and taught the message of his Father..until the time came for him to willingly take our sins upon himself on Calvary on a cross, he was beaten, spit on and cursed at..but he did it anyway! He died willingly because he knew that it was the only way for us to have Grace! He saw our sin and instead of pointing out our sin he showed us his Mercy and he died to prove to us his Love!
You are good enough, You are loved, Jesus came because of that Love, Are you ready to be free? Are you ready to give your burdens to him? Through Jesus you'll find rest and you'll feel Love! He is worth it, don't carry your sin upon your shoulders forever..give it to God and he'll give you the peace you've been searching for!
The truth of his Grace is quite simple..it was all because of Love that he came and died for you, 
So no matter what you've done before or where you've been, or who you've been around, or even what you've said..turn around and make the choice now to change! God isn't going to accuse you or be critical of you..if you ask him for forgiveness then he is going to forgive you..he won't say that he's ashamed of you..he will only say that he is proud of how far you've come and that he's happy you are home with him! He loves you and he is proud of you even if you slip and fall back into sin sometimes..he is going to be there to pick you up when you're ready to try again!

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