Monday, January 6, 2014

~A lot happens in the waiting~

   "Waiting" why is it that we are all afraid somehow of that very word?
  Patience isn't really something that comes included in us humans,
  patience has to be learned and requires time, you have to develop an understanding and even an appreciation while you're in "the waiting period" But like everything else in life, we all have to go through this very thing! Don't worry and don't be afraid to wait, because it will be worth the wait!  Good things are happening in the waiting process. For example..I'm still waiting and praying for Mr. Right  but while I'm waiting for him to safely make it to my arms, I'm learning the value of things in life and in my ministry.
while I'm still single God can use me in ways that maybe he couldn't if I were married or dating,
 God has helped me have Joy and understanding while I'm waiting, I can clearly see that he wants me to be completely ready "especially" spiritually so I will be ready to work in the ministry with the man that I dream of working in the ministry with,  I know that God has me right where he wants me,  I know that he's guiding my steps as I continue to seek him with my whole heart, I have a good attitude while waiting because God is with me, I know that his will is the only way of life for me!
So Use me Lord! Teach me, Mold me into the woman that I need to become!
 I am your servant, guide me in your ways so I can lead others to your kingdom! I am not my own..
I am yours alone! Thank you God for leading me into the right area of ministry!


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