Thursday, January 23, 2014

~Dedication: The story of Daniel~

I don't think there's anyone else in the Bible that was as dedicated to serving God as Daniel was!
And at the same time he respected the King, Daniel was dedicated to helping his King But he made it clear in the beginning of his Faithfulness to God and he also made it clear that he was one of the children of Israel, Daniel wanted to make it clear that he was a Christian and he would not compromise who he was in God for anyone or anything! WOW! what a perfect example of the way we should act as Christians! Now let's get back to the story, Daniel was honest about who he was and that made The King trust Daniel and He found favor in the eyes of The King!
Daniel's Job was to interpret dreams for The King and offer wisdom to The King, Not only that But He was also a friend to The King and he was confident in Daniel's interpretations!
You see, If we act like Daniel did and we are sincere and kind to people, they will want to be around us and our example! We don't have to become pushy or harsh toward others to get it fact if we acted that way it would only push people away from God further and cause them to think of us as "Hypocrites" instead of thinking we are honest and kind, That's why I feel like we need to be totally honest with people but in a sincere way, It does make a huge difference in the response you will receive from others and they will want to hear what you have to say if they become a friend to you! That's exactly what Daniel did and in return he received high honors from The King! Read what happened next! (Daniel 2:47-48) "The King answered and said to Daniel, "truly, your God is God of god's and Lord of Kings, and a revealer of mysteries, for you have been able to reveal this mystery." Then the King gave Daniel high honors and many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and chief prefect over all the wise men of Babylon."
Now, just because Daniel was faithful to his God that doesn't mean that everyone liked him, There were a few men in the Kingdom that were very jealous of him and wanted to secretly get rid of Daniel!
It didn't take them too long to come up with a plan to get rid of Daniel But God had his hand upon Daniel!
(Daniel 6:7-10) "All the Presidents of the kingdom, the prefects and the satraps, the counselors and the governors are agreed that the king should establish an ordinance and enforce an injunction, that whoever makes petition to any god or man for thirty days, except you, o king, shall be cast into the den of lions.
Now, o king, establish the injunction and sign the document, so that it cannot be changed, according to the law of the Medes and the Persians, which cannot be revoked." Therefore King Darius signed the document and injunction. When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, He went to his house where he had his windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before his God, as he had done previously."
Now that's what you call dedication! Daniel was faithful to God and the schemes of those men didn't change a thing! He wasn't going to stop worshipping God, No matter what!
Daniel was caught worshipping God But let's read the most powerful part of this story!
 (Daniel 16-22) "Then the king commanded, and Daniel was brought and cast into the den of lions. the king declared to Daniel, "may your God, whom you serve continually, deliver you!" And a stone was brought and laid on the mouth of the den and the king sealed it with his own signet and with the signet of his lords, that nothing might be changed concerning Daniel.
Then the king went to his palace and spent the night fasting; no diversions were brought to him, and sleep fled from him. Then at the break of day, the king arose and went in haste to the den of lions.
As he came near to the den where Daniel was, he cried out in the tone of anguish. The king declared to Daniel, "O Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?" Then Daniel said to the king, "O king, live forever! My God sent his angel and shut the lions' mouths, and they have not harmed me, because I was blameless before him; and also before you, O king, I have done no harm."
That is awesome! Daniel was blameless and faithful to God and toward his king so God saw that of Daniel and saved him from the hungry lions! I absolutely love this powerful story in the Bible! What an inspiring story of dedication and faith for us to follow as Christians! I want to be as Daniel was, I want to be faithful to God and a living testimony of kindness so that unsaved people may see Christ in me and desire to know Christ too! I believe we could all reach the unreachable if we show people the kindness and love of a Savior! people need the Lord, So let's show them our sincere faith in God and reach out to them in kindness!

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