Monday, January 27, 2014

~In darkness, God is your light~

Today I'm writing this blog post for the ones that have fallen and cannot find the strength to stand on their feet again, I'm here to encourage you and I feel that this word is going to reach you wherever you are at this very moment, You may feel as though there's no one around to offer you a ray of hope and there may not be anyone to help you right now..In fact you may be surrounded by people who are constantly negative and it may seem like all they do is tear down every good thing that you are trying to do in your life, Whether it be at your Job or in your home. I'm here to tell you not to lose all hope!
Remember..Where the shadow of darkness seems to be, the sun was once shinning in that same place! in other words, Do you remember when you were happy? if you can remember the good times, that means that there is still hope inside of you! You haven't lost all of your hope at all! You just need someone to remind you of your dreams and to remind you of all you've made it through in your life! I promise you that you will get through this, just as you did before and you'll feel happier than you have been in ages! For every single set-back God has a manger come-back! You may feel like you cannot make it through this and that this is too heavy for you to carry but with God's help you're going to make it out of this!
For every negative word that is spoken..speak a positive word in it's place! For every word that in spoken in anger..speak a word of love in it's place! For every tear that falls..offer a smile!
I know that it's sometimes hard to speak words of life into your situation, Especially if it's in a room full of people who don't realize how their negative words affect how the day goes for you and others, Sometimes it's hard to bring life in a house where it seems like death roams it's halls..God sure can though! God will become the candle that's flame will not go matter how strong the wind may blow toward it! The light of God will burn brightly and you will spread the joy of the Lord to your whole family or your co-workers! God is Love, and Joy, and he's Peace! He is an understanding God who is rich in Mercy and his Grace is sufficient for every person out there!
There's no place too far that God can't reach you! He will help you, all you have to do is tell him what the problem is in your life and ask him to give you the wisdom to face the situation in a loving way, with forgiveness in your heart and grace on your lips!
You haven't lost all hope because the shadows simply prove that there was once sunshine in the place you're in now! God will show up when you call his name and he will either send someone to help you or he will show you what you need to do to change things in your life!
Don't worry about it, God's got his hand upon it! all you need to do is trust him and know that you don't have to understand what's going on around you, you just need to let God take the load from you by trusting in his plan, Knowing that it's going to work out for your good! God loves you very much and he sees your tears and is saddened by them, all he wants to do is hold you and give you comfort because he truly loves you and wants Joy to reign in your life!
Jesus makes me happy and there's no greater love than the love of our savior! let his light burn brightly inside of you that all may see! God's blessings to you on this day, May God bring you comfort and overwhelming Joy inside your heart!

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