Thursday, January 16, 2014

A true servant:The Story Of Ruth

Growing up in Missouri when I was little, The Sunday School Teacher would often ask us kids who our favorite Bible character was and who we related to the most, A lot of the other little girl's would say Esther because She was a Queen and Let's face it..when you're a little girl you only think about growing up to become a princess and of course Marry your prince charming. But My favorite Character has always been Ruth because Ruth decided that even though her husband died, She was determined to get through it and She loved her Mother-in-law so much that she was willing to give up her possible future because she knew how much her Mother-in-law was hurting, she had pity for her and an understanding of the grieving of not only her Husband, but she also lost both of her son's as well! And Ruth knew where she was needed!
 (Ruth 1:12-18) "Go back home, my daughters! For I am too old to get married again. Even if I thought that there was hope that I could get married tonight and conceive sons, surely you would not want to wait until they were old enough to Marry! Surely you would not remain unmarried all that time! No, my daughters, you must not return to me. For my intense suffering is too much for you to bear. For the Lord is afflicting me!
Again they wept loudly. Then Orpah kissed her Mother-in-law goodbye, But Ruth clung to Her.
So Naomi said, "Look, your Sister-in-law is returning to her people and to her god. Follow your Sister-in-law back home!" But Ruth replied "Stop urging me to abandon you! For wherever you go, I will go. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will become my people, and your God will become my God.
Wherever you die, I will die-and I will be buried. May the Lord punish me severely if I do not keep my promise! Only death will be able to separate me from you!"
When Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, She stopped trying to dissuade her.
You see, Ruth Loved this Woman so much and admired her, that she was determined to Journey with her and once they got settled she was willing to work hard so her Mother-in-law would be able to live comfortably. Ruth was willing to be a Servant and to do whatever it took to help her Mother-in-law through this hard time after losing her husband and her son's! We can learn so much from Ruth! She was a faithful Servant of the Lord and had such compassion for Naomi..Her love was deep for Naomi and Ruth was proving her love for Naomi to her! What a powerful example Ruth can be for us ladies! She was an amazing Woman in the Bible and in my Opinion she was a hero in many ways, Who knows what would've happened to Naomi if Ruth had left her and returned to her people, She probably would've died of a broken heart grieving for the family that she had lost!
The best part of this story is that Ruth ended up having a wonderful life, all because of her faithfulness, God blessed her with such Favor! She met this man named Boaz and later married him! He admired her faithfulness and humility. And not only that! She was a part of something amazing! A few generations later her Great, Great, Great..Okay so that's a lot of greats But Her Great-Grandson was King David! So through Ruth's Faithfulness and having a Servants Heart she became part of something HUGE!
We can do the big things as Ruth did too! Let's follow her example and apply it to our lives as well!
Think of how much better this world would be if "young ladies" were still "lady-like" And Our future generations also remembered us for our Godly Character! That's why Ruth has always been my favorite Character in the Bible of Whom I most relate myself to and Whom I desire to become as a Woman Of God!

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