Saturday, January 11, 2014

~God's plan vs. Our plan~

(Jeremiah 29:11) "For I know what I have planned for you, 'Says the Lord.' I have plans to prosper you, not harm you. I have plans to give you a future filled with Hope."
Why is it that we humans try our hardest to come up with this huge plan in our minds when we know that we have a long History of failing when we go about it solo? It's almost as if we somehow believe after we get saved we suddenly have gained all of this knowledge of how to go about our lives without any help from God! Really what the problem is, is that we still have our flesh trying to resurface itself because after we get saved we suddenly have all of these wonderful new opportunities and Satan whispers in our ear "But what about what you wanted to do?"
What are these new opportunities you may ask? It's God's plan for your life!
After we get saved we then begin to think of ways we could reach others, what is my purpose on this earth? who did God create for me? What am I called to do?
But many times we ask ourselves "But where do I start?" It's simply really..
Start in the Bible "God's Word" When you don't know what your purpose is Read the Bible! It's a map to us when we are lost and unsure of where we need to go next! When you are struggling and you've lost your footing..Pray and Seek God! He has answers for you even if you may not receive a full answer, He will lead you to the right destination, It may not even be the area you thought you were called to, It may be a higher calling that you had to prepare for and you realize years later!
For Example, When I was 12 years old I thought I was only called to children's ministry because ever since I was a small child I always had a way with children and they seemed to want to be around me for some reason, Thinking on it now I believe that they felt safe and comfortable because I took good care of them and would take the time to ask them what they wanted or needed and they would grow to respect me and would like me because of that. Let me get back to the rest of the story. I was thinking that children's ministry would be my main area of ministry But as it turned out, later on I would go into something that I didn't know back then when I was 12 that I had a talent for, It was "singing" It started in children's church standing on the stage singing. But back then I didn't have the knowledge that this could end up being my main area of ministry! When you're that young it's sometimes hard to see that far, When you're that young you're thinking more along the lines of "becoming a fairytale princess and marrying your Prince someday"
You're not thinking about the more important things in life yet. But God had me right where he wanted me, He was already training me into becoming "A Worship Leader"
After I moved from the children's church ministry I moved into Youth and was on the Drama Team and we would stand on the stage and do Human video's and skits as a ministry, Then I moved on into singing backup in the Youth Band with My Sister when I was 14, After a couple years went by I started singing Lead in Youth myself and on Sunday's I would sing backup with the Praise Team..Little did I know that God was Molding me into a worship leader as well, I had no idea that I could possibly become more someday, not that I'm saying being a backup singer isn't an important thing, Because I loved being a backup singer and knew how to "follow" the leader and had great respect for our worship leader, I learned so many good things from our leader, that shaped me into who I am today. When the time came for me to become a worship leader I was 19 and I was fearful, not so much that I was afraid, It was more of "Lord I'm not worthy or qualified to lead!" But I then said "Okay Lord, But I'll need your help to be able to lead them."
I didn't know back then that Leaders are not born, Leaders are made by God!
You see, God was making me into a worship leader and teaching me valuable lessons that I would be able to apply to my daily life! He was stirring a fire within me, a passion for worship! To lead his people into a new place! Along the way I learned that you are never "too young" even though I felt like I was too young myself! Somehow God blessed me with a wonderful team that accepted me and never once thought I was "too young" they supported me and followed me while I was learning to become a leader!
I have grown into a leader since then and even though I haven't learned everything and never will be perfect I'm confident in saying that I'm in God's Will, I'm right where God wants me, Until He tells me otherwise I'm in the right place!
What I've learned along the way is this.. David wasn't "too small" He fulfilled God's purpose for his life and before He could slay the Giant, David had to kill a lion and a bear!
Moses couldn't speak well But God sent his brother Aaron to speak for him and Moses became a leader and God used him to free God's People!
Esther didn't know the first thing about being a queen and God used her to save her own people!
So before you doubt yourself, thinking that you cannot do Big things for God, Think again! God is up to something amazing for your life! He has you right where he wants you! Even if you're out of church right now or you're not sure where to go next, He sees you and He has a Plan for You! ..."Plans to Prosper You and Not harm You, Plans to give you a future full of Hope!" (Jeremiah 29:11)
Believe in yourself as God does and put your Trust in him! He's Got it all planned out and it's a plan that cannot fail, Our plans always seem to fail but His plans will always work out!


  1. I love this :) it is so true! Reading this one made my eyes water, my heart smile & my spirit leap with anticipation for what's to come.