Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~..And He will sustain you~

There are many times in the Bible when David would cry out to God in his times of trouble, I think we could learn a lot from the way David prayed to God! David was confident that God would take care of him through it all! David had many struggles in his life..I know sometimes we think that because David was a King he had it easy, But that just isn't so! King David was like any other Human..He had a weakness! We all have a weakness..Most of us have many weaknesses, David's weakness was that he had a way with the Ladies..And the Ladies liked King David as well, That was a big problem for David when you think about it! I'm sure if we were in his shoes we may have struggled as he did with his weakness!
I must admit that for the longest time I couldn't quite understand how King David could be referred to in the Bible as "the man after God's own heart" In fact I was kind of Angry and Confused because I didn't understand how God could have Mercy for such a Man that would do such horrible things as King David did! He even had a Man killed because he envied the Man's wife and wanted her as his own! But then again when you think about it what was Bathsheba doing bathing where she could be seen by King David if she was a married Woman? Bathsheba was just as guilty as King David was, They committed Adultery and both had a part in Killing Bathsheba's husband, By saying that I mean that Bathsheba was an accessory to murder because she knew David desired that be with her and She knew how powerful he was being a King, She could've said no but instead she gave into the selfish desires of her flesh and didn't stop her husband from being killed! After a few years of reading this story I finally realized that David was only Human and I had no right to be angry the person David was in the Bible! It was silly of me really..I'm sure we've all felt angry or frustrated after hearing a story we didn't like the ending of! But the truth of the matter was that somehow I was Jealous of King David because even though he had sinned God forgave him and God still gave him good things in his life even though he continued to sin against God! You see, I didn't want to see the moral of the story..Which is quite simply "God's unending Love!" I was selfish back then and I didn't desire to know the truth about King David, But now I understand and even appreciate his powerful story! King David really Loved to worship God and he trusted in God!
David taught us that No matter what you've done in your life..even if you've sinned by committing adultery as King David did..God Love's you! No matter where you've been in your life.. God Love's You! No matter how many times you've sinned..God will always Love You with an unending Love! Let King David's story relate to us all in someway, That even when we fail God and we curse him at times in our life..God still gives new Mercy and Grace each morning! God wants to give you a new beginning! He wants you to know that he truly Love's You and He wants you to serve him because he Love's You! God wants to embrace you and keep you safe, He wants you to put your trust in him! I promise you that it's worth it to give your life to him! I've never been more happy in my life than when I gave my whole life to God unconditionally because I know that without God I'm nothing! God gives me Joy and Peace! He gives me strength and a song in my heart to sing unto him! And I've surrendered my hopes and dreams to him..Because I want what God has for me..Not what I want for myself! I've never been happier and I know that if you do the same, You will also be the happiest you've ever been!
(Psalm 55:22) "Cast your burden on the Lord, And he will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved."

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