Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"We must become as a child"

As I write this Blog this evening after I've come home from Teaching the children's class I Teach weekly,
Of course my mind is thinking about how precious children are and the way a child can minister to our lives if we will accept that lesson from them.
Since we are on this subject, Naturally I'm going to go to the Story in the bible that stands out the most to us all, It's the story of Jesus Explaining to his Disciples how you should never turn a child away and how we should all become like a child if we want to make it into the kingdom of heaven!
Whoa! Jesus said what?! That's right..He Rebuked his own Disciples for disregarding the children and trying to turn them away, As if they just didn't matter at all! But Jesus corrected his Disciples in (Matthew 19:13-14)
"Then Children were brought to him that he might lay his hands on them and pray.
The Disciples Rebuked the people, But Jesus said, Let the little Children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven."
You see, In my mind here's the way that I've always seen this story and what it was that Jesus was really trying to tell us here, I believe what Jesus was saying was simply that we must go back to the beginning and start new, We must be reborn in Christ and Look at this world with "new eyes" And stop being so quick to judge others, By doing so we must look at others the way Jesus looked at these precious children!
We must ask the Lord to give us eyes to see as he sees, Ears that we would hear, that he would give us an open Heart to Love others as he has loved, and the knowledge to say the right words that they would reach into the very depths of their souls, that we would be able to Witness in an affective way!
The main thing is this folks, What Jesus was mainly saying here was "LOVE THEM" We need to learn to Love because The Love of Jesus is truly the only thing that can Heal a broken world, Full of broken people who need to Learn about The Savior that Loves them and most of all about a Savior that can forgive them of all their sins!
I've always had a special bond with Children and I've been working with Children's ministry since I was a child myself, I've always had a bond with Kids because of their Honesty and How loving that can be, They can also be little stinkers too..Can I get an Amen Parents out there?
But A Child to me is innocent, honest, loving, and caring toward people!
Let that be a lesson for us all to follow! Let's Love and be honest as a child is, Let's reach out to a broken World and Tell them about Jesus' Love! Because Love can Heal Your Heart!

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