Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~How can you mend a broken heart?~

I'm writing this blog to help the brokenhearted and hurt ones, In hope that this helps you to begin the healing process and move on with your life. And to teach you something along the way.
  1. The Heart-breakers..I've never really understood how a person could constantly hurt the people that they Love, Other than going to the root of it all, Just what has this person gone through in their life that would cause them to constantly break hearts? The answer is..it could be a combination of things. For one it could be that they had a hard home life growing up, Or even that they had parents who argued constantly, It could even be that they were mistreated by their family members. You may never know for sure what it may be that's caused them to do this to You or anyone else, But Remember this, As long as they continue to break other people's hearts they will eventually have the same thing happen to them, that is inevitable.
  2. The Lonely..It's not very good to become overly lonely around others because Mr. Wrong or ms. Wrong will come along and they will be a heart-breaker! They know this game and they are professionals at this kind of thing, They can see loneliness from a mile away and they aren't going to always take no for an answer, So watch out for these and keep yourself surrounded by your Girl or Guy friends or both if you have them.."Remember it's better to be single and happy than to be in a relationship with the wrong person!" You deserve much better, give yourself a chance to find someone who will be right for you!
  3. The Cocky..Yes, there seems to be a lot of these kind out there..You know, The ones who constantly talk about how great they are and how strong they are, and handsome too..But we are all wondering the same thing here "Why are they single if they have it all?" Yeah..I think it's safe to say that you'll stay away from this kind all on your own because admit it..no one out there likes a bragger.
  4. The over-caring.. I need to admit this to you, I fell into this category a while back but now I know better! God saved me from Mr. Wrong and he can do the same for you! I feel like I have the opportunity to help you with this one, since I've been there myself. If most of the people around you are telling you to watch out for this one..Listen to them! Don't even act remotely interested in them at all! If you go out with them and they can't seem to answer a few questions for you Dump them..they aren't honest! If what they're saying sounds like an awful lot of "stuff that doesn't add up" Run away from them as fast as you can..You will thank me later and hopefully you won't fall for their lies and get hurt like I did. 
  5. The One.. It may take a lifetime to find But it's definitely worth the wait! I haven't met Mr. Right yet (not that I know of anyway) even though I've met very nice Young Men in my life I haven't met the right one for me yet and I'm waiting for him still..The Man whom I want to share my life with will Share a Ministry with me and will be honest and successful and one who will raise Godly children with me! You see, God wants you to tell him who you dream of marrying someday, He wants us to pour our hopes and dreams to him because he truly cares about us and wants those good things to happen in our lives! Don't give up on finding the right person for you to be with! I know it's hard seeing couples..wishing that was you with someone but God is getting that person ready for you and I promise It's going to be the perfect timing for you and it will be the perfect person for you as well! Keep your head held high and believe in yourself because God believes in you and he Loves You!! ~Dani

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