Saturday, April 5, 2014

~I will not be silent..I will not be quiet anymore!~

It seems like one of the hardest things to overcome is shyness, I know this because I've struggled with it most of my life! When you're shy and you talk to people, the worst fear isn't so much about if the person you're talking to gives an opinion different from yours, the worst fear for me was always if they really heard what I just said and if they're silent as if I were invisible to them in every way, when I was a preteen and teenager I had trouble describing who I was or showing others what kind of person I was inside, I was always afraid that they would tell me to change who I was because I was different from all of them, for instance..I didn't want to go to a party and hang out in a huge group, I would much rather spend time with a few friends at a time so I could have the chance to talk to each person before the night was over, I didn't want to be popular with the "in crowd" I just wanted to say hello to everyone and be friendly, and though I'm a woman of few words at first when I'm getting to know people.. I slowly open up and gradually build a trust with them, I'm different, yes, but God made me unique and though I'm shy at times and sometimes I'm even timid, I still have Wit and when I do say something it's usually something important that people normally listen to, not because I constantly saying things but because they know that I'm quiet unless I have something to say that is worth your while, 
I've found ways to break through and show others who I am and though I don't have "my groupies" as they would say..I do have a good few friends that go to church with me and they seem to like the person that I've allowed myself to become..A woman of God and a good, honest friend to them! 
I love my friends and the people that are in my church family, I am exactly in the right calling and in the right place, where God has placed me and purposed me to be in, God doesn't make mistakes and he didn't make a mistake when he choose a shy and timid girl either! He has shaped me into a more outgoing and excited to speak in a microphone, on a stage, in front of a big crowd and he has turned me from being "a girl" into "a woman of God"  God has opened my eyes to so many things about his kingdom and even about myself..things that I never knew about myself, things that I didn't know I could do for him!
For example..I never knew that I would be sitting here typing this blog post for all of you to read! I never knew that I could have so much to say about God but I am able to tell you all on this page and it's amazing to me how God has blessed me with his favor and has sent people that I may never meet in person, on here by Internet to read my thoughts and passions about God, America, Life, Family, Love, Healing, Purpose, Dreams, Goals, Hopes and faith!
I am living my life according to God's standards and leaving behind the standards of this world as well as leaving behind my own standards! God's plan for my life is an unfolding dream and I look forward to living my life in the next few chapters of my life's story from God! 
I'm so glad that you can travel there with me on this blog through the years to come and someday I'm certain we shall meet in person and perhaps even have a hot cup of tea beside me!

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