Sunday, April 13, 2014

~When will I be Comforted?~

In Life at times we are presented with difficulties and hard times that we cannot tell others about, when these kind of issues occur in our lives there is only one who can comfort us.."God" he's the only one at those times who understands what our situation is and the one who can bring us the comfort that we need!
When we cannot find the words to say..speak the name of Jesus! He really knows all and can truly comfort us at the times when we are at a loss for words!
He sees our pain and he cares! when we cry..he sees our every tear..every tear that falls down our cheek he sees! He never wants to see his children hurt or in despair, he wants to help you out of that situation and see you smiling again!
God is the only one who knows everything about us..the good and bad but somehow he still loves us just the way we are! It doesn't matter what you've done in your doesn't matter if you've hurt someone doesn't matter how many times you've sinned in your life..GOD LOVES YOU! That's all that matters right now is that he loves you! He knows your every sin..he knows them all and yet he still calls us by name and calls us his children! He is proud to call us "his" and he wouldn't trade us for anything! He sees the value in each of us and has a special purpose for all of us! Whatever it is that you may be facing currently..I want you to know that he sees you and he is with you, walking beside you as you're walking in a deep pit in your life and he has a heart for the pain that you're facing now and he longs to bring comfort to you! Allow him to draw close to you right now and allow him to bring you the comfort that you so desperately need in your life! Whatever your situation is..Call out to God and he will bring you comfort because he is the comforter! He is everything that we could ever need and he brings us the healing and the miracles that we need in our lives! Don't be afraid to put your difficult situation in his hands..He can help you through the hardest issues..God is bigger than any struggle you could ever face in put it in his hands and trust in him that he will heal your situation!

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