Thursday, April 3, 2014

~Too prideful for God's perfect will~

It seems so simple to be able to accept God's purpose when you are a Christian and you know it's in God's hands but what if you cannot see it even though you are saved? What if you are saved and yet you just can't see it because of a little thing called pride? Pride is a painful way of life to live in and also causes you to not trust others or even allow yourself to have a chance in your life!
I used to beat myself up by saying "I'm not good enough for that!" Or "I wish I could be brave  like they are!"
But one day I realized something.. I realized that I don't have to be like them I can simply just be me and God purposed me and fashioned my personality to be unique and now I really do appreciate who I am and I don't feel the need to compete with others..I just need to be myself and work on my flaws and allow God to heal me and make me into the person that he needs me to become to help others! I used to be so afraid to speak in front of a crowd..when I took the position as worship leader I didn't know how I would be able to speak in front of a crowd..I could barely speak to anyone much less a crowd of people! I had anxiety attacks in front of big crowds when I was a teenager up until I was nineteen when I took the stage as a leader..I was afraid but I wanted to do a good job and I knew I had a lot riding on my shoulders being the pastors daughter and I was young enough that I thought people may talk about me or not accept me but that was only my low self esteem and Satan putting lies into my mind! I knew I had to overcome that battle and step out of my shyness to progress into God's full calling for my life! I had a lot to overcome in my life to be able to lead his people into worship and encourage them to have a good week! I am happy to say that God has helped me through all of that and now I'm not afraid to speak out on stage in between singing! I no longer have anxiety attacks either! If God can help me, then he can help you overcome your struggle!
Let's move on..When one is self-conscious and insecure about who they are it sifts and reforms their thoughts from positive to negative and hurts your chances for a good life, when you're negative it causes your friends to distance themselves from you because negativity is like a contagious virus if you're around it often enough you will get sick! Meaning you will also begin speaking the negative things over your life! Limit yourself from people who are negative in your cannot totally remove them from your life normally but you can limit your time around them and learn to change the subject to something that's positive!
It's harder for some to see just how precious and beautiful they are because God says so, we were made to build others up as well as building ourselves up! You can just as easily speak life into your situation just as you do over others troubles! Speak life into yourself, tell yourself that you are called for a special purpose that God has called you to! Speak into your situation and talk your way right out of that situation! If you have a mouth and lips you can speak life into yourself! 
Watch your life change into something positive and more meaningful! You will be able to help more people as soon as you have helped yourself!
If you are not happy..then how can you bring joy to others around you? If you are happy you can do so much more out there in the world!
God will be able to use you more if you lose the pride, lift your hands and say.."God my life is yours, shape me into who I'm supposed to be!" You'll be able to do so much more..many more things for will see!!

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