Friday, April 11, 2014

~Please, Remember Me..~

As my birthday is today I wanted to share a little bit about myself with you, 
Growing up I wasn't wealthy or from a big town either, I came from a little town called "Hartville" in Missouri, We lived on a 52 acre farm and raised cows, chickens, even beagle pups, and we would always plant a big garden every year and my dad would tell me countless stories of his granddad "Wes" and how his granddad taught him so much about gardening and how it really applied to life..taking care of your life as you do a garden,
I remember one year when I was about seven years old my dad let me plant the whole cornfield by myself because I really wanted to grow something that I planted all by myself, when the corn finally grew it was the sweetest, most crisp, healthy corn we had ever had! I was so happy because of how proud my dad was of me! I decided at that very moment that I always wanted to please my dad in my life and also to spend my life serving God, I knew that as long as I could please my earthly father as well as my Heavenly Father..I would truly find happiness in my life! 
I remember when we moved away from my first home and we moved from Missouri to Texas, I was afraid that everyone would forget about me because of how young I was when we left..when I was ten we moved away but the thing that made it bare able was the fact that we were following after God's plan and will of taking a church in Texas, I wasn't sure what to expect or how many things would change in our lives but I knew as long as we were a family that was in the will of God..I knew we would be alright and we would be happy, I'm not going to say that I don't miss the old days in Missouri..I will always have a heart for the town I'm from and the people who once lived there or the few people who still live there, but I am greatful for many things in my life now in Texas also..I wouldn't want to go back because most of the people that lived there when I was a kid has either moved away, passed away or they do not remember me anymore but I'm starting to see that it's okay..and I appreciate the ones who do still remember me and I find peace by the memories we made there..
You see..In this life it's not so much about the money or fame..It's really about leaving a legacy that people will remember you for, not everyone will remember you by name but most people will recognize a familiar face, in life you must take a chance for what you truly want and to let go of the things you really don't need to really be happy! 
And remember to take the time to be around your loved ones and cherish them all with your every breath and overusing the words "I love you" 
it's not the shiny cars and money that makes them proud of's the love that we share, the time that we cherish and the memories that we take the time to build with them! 
They want to see a smile on our faces and feel loved when we enter the room, they want us to find success and value out of this life and they want to see us live our lives to honor others and feel value in ourselves,
And most importantly..our parents or whoever raises you wants you to serve God and give of yourself to benefit the good people of this world and make a good difference that people will remember you for!
Build a good legacy and the most important people in your life will always find room in their memories for you!
I'm so thankful and I feel so blessed to have been raised by Godly parents who have taught me the importance of how to treat others and also what the true meaning of life is..and someday when I have a family of my own..I'll pass those things on to my children and my future husband will have valuable things he will pass on to our children and they will pass it on to their kids and so on..leaving a legacy to be proud of..

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