Wednesday, April 2, 2014

~Your Greatest Romance~

Being a young lady I cannot deny that I'm a hopeless romantic, I believe that we should all be romantic,  though I'm single and no one has even come close to the man of my dreams yet I know this to be true..He exists somewhere beyond my dreams and someday we will find each other. 
Every single person should have some kind of a dream to strive for, something that makes you a better person in the future, that's very important for a person to have something or even someone to dream of!
Don't allow your dreams to shut down after you go through something in your life that causes you to question who you are and what you want out of life, you should be thinking about what you want and especially be thinking about who you are beforehand! that's very important for us to do and that's what transforms us into a much better person! 
Allow that to happen, allow yourself to progress into someone better than you were yesterday!
Don't allow others to take away from the person that you are, the only type of change that should be happening while you're with someone is that you've turned into someone slightly better than who you were before you met them, they should only add to the person you are now!
I'm not an expert on relationships because I haven't been in many of them, not because I have "commitment issues" as many people might think..which is simply not so! I'm looking for someone in particular and I believe it's just a waste of time to "date" a different person every single week, if I find someone that I like of course I ask them the important questions and if they don't add up to what I know is my destiny and what God has called me to do then I don't delay the obvious..I move on and I'm honest with the person, explaining to them that God's plan for my life will not take a backseat to be in a relationship with them, I kindly tell them that and Yes it's hard to do that at times but I know it's going to be worth it someday!
I know that once I meet "The One" my "one and only" "My True Love" I know that my dreams won't hold a candle to my dream come-true love story someday, nothing my mind could ever dream-up could compare to God's will for my life..I know this to be true! I'm dedicated to God's perfect will for my life and I'm determined to see it through!
Sometimes it's hard to fight for the things you believe in..especially when you're surrounded by people who are vocal about their opinion with your life choices, don't allow them to discourage you though! Know that God has a plan and it only takes you and God to see it come to pass!
Believe in yourself and don't question God when he tells you to move on from someone you're currently with to wait for someone else that IS MEANT FOR YOU!
God offers greatness to those who wait upon him! It makes God so proud whenever we choose to listen to God even though our heart and our emotions think otherwise for a short time!
Psalms 138:8
"The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.
Do not forsake the work of your hands."
If you want a relationship with someone who will last,  listen to God's leading and know that he rewards those who wait upon him and he promises us that it will be worth it!
I've been waiting and I'll continue to wait for the right man for me..even if it takes a long time to find him I know that he's out there and let's just say the search continues.. Until we meet for the first time in real life I will dream of what the future holds for you and I..
Don't be miserable in your life if you're single, be happy and whole, knowing who you are and where you want to go in life and others will respect you for that and wish that they  had listened to you beforehand and maybe their lives would've ended up much happier! 
Be a living testimony to others and some of them will follow along in your greatness toward their dreams!

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