Sunday, September 7, 2014

~A lesson of Loyalty~

I've noticed something these days, a lot of people just aren't loyal anymore! Have you noticed how many people just give up on their loved ones instead of sticking around? Where is the courage to stay? Where is the passion? Where is the undying love? 
This world is dying mainly because people in the world don't know how good they have it with someone,
I can understand how hard it must be to trust someone but once you know that they are trustworthy you shouldn't ever abandon that person..right? That's what I always thought..I always thought that you couldn't be hurt unless you were hit physically, I never dreamed you could be hit just as hard by someone that has lied to you.. There's nothing more painful than a broken heart..unless you've been lied to or cheated on, I can say from experience that it cuts like knives when that happens.
We have to teach the younger kids how to be loyal again, they aren't going to learn it by watching because there isn't a good example anywhere around for them to learn by watching, we have to teach them these things and show them the love that they need to benefit from in their life! If you are loyal and need to start teaching these kids just what that means! This world is growing more corrupt by the passing is the time to teach the kids these lessons so that when they're grown they can be loyal to someone someday and they can be trustworthy too! There isn't a better gift than to teach your kids to remain loyal and to tell the truth.

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