Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~waiting on my miracle..~

Lets face it..waiting isn't really the thing that we're the most talented at! We just do not have much patience as humans..patience has to be taught and you grow to learn patience.
Life can be difficult at times to the point when we feel like we should just throw in the towel and give up..But God is the reason that we can hope and believe that there's something more..something much better on the way and God is going to take care of our situation!
Maybe you're waiting on the big check to come in any day now, maybe you're waiting to find out if you got that promotion that you've been waiting for, maybe you're waiting on something very serious..like finding out if you're healed from cancer, maybe you are believing God now for your healing and Satan has been putting doubt in your mind because you are having one of the symptoms that you had when you were ill before..You put Satan in his place and claim the healing that is already yours! Thank God for healing you and performing a miracle in your life today! Walk in victory because you are free indeed! Claim the miracle that God has already given you..you simply have to reach out and grab hold of what's already yours!
Don't listen to Satan's lies..he has no place here and he definitely has no say here! Receive the healing in your body today! Receive your miracle at this very moment! Say.. "it is mine!"

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