Tuesday, September 16, 2014

~Be honest but kind~

It sure is hard to learn when to be brutally honest and when to just keep your silence..sometimes we must be brave to someone and express to them how hurt you are by what they've done, said, or perhaps even that you're not getting as much attention as you feel like you need from them, but one things for sure..learn to know when to remain quiet and learn to judge when the timing is or isn't right to be honest with someone..sometimes it's just a matter of timing, you don't know what all a person has dealt with in their day and you adding more on top of them could cause a big disagreement or suffering for them!
The main thing we must always remember is..There are two people in this relationship and you must always speak out of peace..not out of frustration if you can help it. It's about being kind..not about always being right! That's a very good rule to live by when it comes to working with others, learn how to communicate with your coworkers, your friends, your family, and even your enemies..you need to be a person of peace..not a person who causes conflict throughout the day!
When you're feeling insecure..reach out to your friend or your significant other and tell them that you need a long hug to comfort you in your time of need, when you're feeling stressed out sometimes you really just need to go take a warm shower, followed by a good book such as the bible or something else that's inspiring to you, when you're broken don't be afraid to cry or to even find a friend's shoulder to cry on..you don't ever have to feel like you're in this alone..so don't allow yourself to be, when you're feeling angry at your loved one..take a deep breath and think about what you need to say if you do say anything to them or perhaps you just need to stand on the porch and let it go by..most of the time it's better to sort our anger issues out without saying words that we'll probably regret later on..just remember that you love them and you want them to be happy..it's about being kind not about always being right so don't address what isn't necessary to bring up! If you've thought about it and you're no longer angry at someone..don't bring it up later and talk about it..we talked earlier about the matter of timing..by then it's too late to talk about it so don't bring it up after you've gotten over the issue! Be wise about what you want to say and don't bring up old wounds that are already healed up..you don't want to cause new pain due to old scars. It's time to move forward and be happy in your life and to make others happy around you as well! Bring joy into the lives of those you care about..and when you are in pain they will rise to help you get through that pain without a second thought.
Let's be peace speakers in our daily lives and allow strife to slide on by!

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