Tuesday, September 2, 2014

~Commitment Issues~

Through the years I've known and met many people who have trouble committing to one person..what's really hard to believe is that most of the ones that I've met are within the church walls! Stay with me here..many of these type of people attend church and they have an issue when it comes to committing to one person or in other areas of their life.
Why is it that so many people out there are this way? It's because we live in a world that doesn't fight for what they want anymore, everything is simply handed to them and in return they do not appreciate the precious gifts that life gives them! People develop a tendency to throw away something just because they've had it for so long and they somehow think it's alright to become bored with what they have! There is something really wrong with that! It's always bothered me and really made me think all these years!
We need to address these issues and teach the younger generation out there how to stay committed in all areas of their lives! Whether it be commitment to a job, a spouse, or even quite simply as a friend..don't break commitments just because that's what everyone else does out there nowadays in this world we live in! Make a difference out there by being the difference that this world needs to see! Stay committed and be trustworthy..it's the right thing to do! Think about this today and look at your own life and be that good example that people really need to see! That's what I want to show others through my own life..you can do that too!

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