Monday, September 8, 2014

~Love heals your heart~

There are many wounds that life has scared us with and many of those wounds cannot be mended unless you go to it's source!
For example, if you're struggling from depression then start hanging around happy people and eventually it will begin to help you to have joy as well! If your heart has been broken and you're in a lonely place in your life then find someone who is going to make you forget that your heart was ever broken in the first place! Love heals wounds that are deep within your heart but there is one thing that can mend a broken heart and that's someone who comes along to put the pieces back together for you and somehow you realize that it doesn't hurt anymore!
If you're lonely for a friend..reach out to someone who is also in need of a friend and you'll find the friend that you've always needed!
If you're in need of answers.. start asking the right questions to the right people who are eager to help out, there are good people out there who really want to help you, don't give up on the good ones just because the not so good ones have hurt you in the past! Look forward into the here and now and forget about those who have hurt you in the past..instead declare that you're going to have a good future and you're going to have a good group of people to help you to get to that place!
Love heals broken hearts, love heals broken spirits, love heals trust issues, love is what's going to mend your heart so don't ever lose faith that it's all going to work out and most importantly..don't give up on those around you who have good hearts just because you're afraid that you'll be hurt in the same way as you were hurt in the past..move past that and begin to trust again, let your walls down to receive something that's better for your life anyway! Love heals those wounds I know that they do..because I've seen it and I've felt it for myself. 

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