Tuesday, September 23, 2014

~The Key to happiness~

Doctors, talk show hosts, or people who think they're doctors try to tell us how to be happy, how to live our lives and how to treat others by sharing our feelings all the time..The problem? Have you noticed how out of control their lives seem to be? Before you begin applying other people's advise to your own life..why not look at how well they're coping with their own issues, look at their emotions and how quickly they fall apart or what they do when things begin falling apart in their lives!
The true is that the key to happiness doesn't begin by listening to professionals..the key to happiness begins by deciding that you're going to be thankful with what you have and you will always move toward something even more fulfilling in your life! It's about choosing to be joyful no matter what others may say about you, it's about tough times arriving but you deciding to declare that your mountain be moved and you're going to overcome it!
Life is going to give you good things if you give unselfishly, your life will feel much more full and you'll be able to lay down at night knowing that you did good in this world and you made someone smile along the way!
The key to happiness is quite simple..love others, do good in this world, be unselfish, enjoy time with your friends and family, do something you're passionate about and most of all never give up the faith in God as he is the one who will help you to make it through every single season in your life! Now get out there and be happy..you are worth it and life is too short to not enjoy it! Life is a journey..travel it!

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