Sunday, September 28, 2014

~In this life~

When it comes to life there is only one thing to do, you need to live it and appreciate those who you are lucky enough to share it with..sure there are temptations out there and bad choices are sometimes made in our lives but we shouldn't travel backwards..we should instead move toward the good things that are waiting for us around the corner.
In our lives we can either choose to be happy or choose to constantly worry about the things that we wish we could take back..there is only one life to live so don't look at it that way..instead, treat others well in your life, decide who is meant to win your heart and make a good life with that person, forgive others when they've wronged you and let go of what happened yesterday because life is just too short to stress over what happened to you or what someone said to you, or what someone didn't say to you..let go and live a life that you can be proud to wake up to and live the kind of life so when you can lay your head down on your pillow at night and have peace because you did better today!
If you want to be happy then decide that you're not going to be unhappy is what you make it and it's about giving and enjoying what God has given to you in your life..cherish everything in your life because it's all precious gifts from God! Life is too short to have regrets and words that are left things that are going to benefit your future, be around people who care about you and want the very best for you!

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