Thursday, September 18, 2014

~Tomorrow's Worries~

One of the biggest things that consumes us in our daily lives these days is the fact that we worry too much! I've heard it said that.. "tomorrow's worries takes away today's peace"
You can't allow yourself to constantly dwell on the have to allow yourself to have some joy in your every day life in order to have some peace in your life!
I know that it's sometimes difficult and stressful when there are certain things going on in our lives but we have to allow ourselves to have something good throughout our day and try to make some time for some joy in our lives so we can have a little time to escape for a moment from what we are going through! Do something fun..take your kids out bowling! Take your wife out on a date! Cook a fancy dinner at home for your husband! Go watch a movie with your friends!
If You have to do things throughout your day to help take your mind off the pain then do it, if you can smile for but a's worth it!
Be happy even when you're in pain, even when you're having a hard time keeping smiling because you're going to get through it! Don't let tomorrow's worries take away today's peace!

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