Saturday, September 6, 2014

~Have Mercy!~

There are many instances and points in our lives when we "cry out" to God seeking his mercy, we know at that moment in our lives that we are in desperate need of his help..sometimes we need God to help us out of a situation that no one else could begin to understand enough to help us through it! God understands our pain, our struggles, he sees our secret tears that we cry, he sees our wounds, our addictions are not hidden from his sight and yet he still loves us through those struggles! He is a very powerful God..a God who can get us through ANYTHING, no matter what you may be struggling in today! If Jesus could pull Peter up out of the sea while there were waves crashing in all around him..then God can pull you from the place that you're in right this very moment! God can help you through anything! Cry out to him and he will also hear your cry for help out of your situation! God is the almighty God who will get you through it all!
If you're desperate for a change in your life..cry out to him! If you're tired of feeling the same way..surrender your all to God! If you're feeling ashamed of the life you've been living or you're feeling guilty about your past..then give it to God! He will supply all of your needs..YOU WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS! Put your life in God's hands for a's like that Allstate commercial that says.."Are you in good hands?" Well..are you? If not..would you like to be? Then put your life in God's hands to use you for his glory and guess what?! You're gonna make it out of this! Don't give up the fight! You can do this with God's help and with the help of your loved ones!

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