Wednesday, September 24, 2014

~Easily Offended~

Do you know someone at work or in your family who is easily offended and they take things the wrong way all the time? It can be hard at times because you feel like you cannot fully express yourself to this person because they are quick to jump to conclusions instead of just listening to what you're saying..if they would only listen to what you have to say..then there wouldn't be a problem with them jumping ahead of the story!
It becomes difficult to be around people who are that way, it's almost as hard as being around someone who is constantly gloomy and negative..But people can change if they're willing to.
If I just described someone you know or perhaps you may be that way I just want you to know that you're going to make is on the way and God's coming to change hearts in that area! Just keep holding on and God will help you through the rest!
When someone is deeply offended it's hard to break down their walls again because they don't know how to become free..but God can help them through it and he can help you to keep your focus instead of getting easily offended by something that most likely wasn't even an issue..but rather a misunderstanding of what was said! If you are really struggling today with this problem then I want you to lift your hands today and surrender it to God! Ask him to change your heart and your mind for the better! Or ask him to help that loved one who is struggling with this same problem!

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